COVID-19 Update

To our valued Customers and Partners,

In response to the current pandemic Floating Leaf Fine Foods is taking a series of actions to provide a safe product and work environment for our customers, partners, employees and community. We would like to outline some of the actions we have implemented, in close consultation with the Health Canada’s recommended measures, to ensure our business can continue to provide products for our customers and work for our employees while considering community safety.


We are in close contact with our employees to ensure their health. All employees must report any symptoms they, or those they are in close contact with outside of work, are noticing. Employees must wear disposable masks and gloves at all times. We are keeping an open and supportive dialogue to ensure employees feel comfortable and secure throughout this difficult time.

Warehouse Hygiene:

We are following the safety guidelines set out by Health Canada and the World Health Organization for workplace hygiene (e.g. no hand shaking, no food sharing and disinfecting all surfaces regularly). Being a BRC certified facility in the food industry, our company has always been held to the highest standard of facility sanitation and employee hygiene, which have allowed us to consistently ensure the safety and quality of our products.


Delivery drivers, and any individual outside the Floating Leaf Team, are not permitted in the warehouse at this time. We work with reputable companies who are expected to be taking all the necessary precautions on their end to ensure proper hygiene as we are doing on ours. At this time all orders are being fulfilled and delivered.

Contact Us:

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any questions (1-204-989-7696 or We are open to providing all the support and information our customers and partners require during these challenging times.

Thank you all for supporting the health of those most vulnerable in our communities.