A Family Company

FLFF is a 4th generation, Canadian owned company. It was founded in the 1930's when "Grandfather Ratuski" was interested in the way the First Nations people harvested wild rice. He worked with them and brought wild rice into his family run grocery store.

The following generation started developing new processing techniques to enhance the quality of the product.

Today, Murry and his two sons, Matthew and Sheldon, work on perfecting their products, and being innovative with new ways to bring health and taste together.


Floating Leaf Fine Foods is family-run, BRC accredited food manufacturing company, centrally located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

You will find FLFF products in a wide range of grocery stores throughout Canada, including Costco. You can also find them online at Amazon.

The team at FLFF have traveled the world, showcasing the rice that they are so proud of and excited to share with everyone.

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Encourage Excellent Health with Healthy Cuisine.


To use our experience, expertise and good judgement to produce premium wild rice and wild rice products and serve the needs of your customers with excellence.

To ensure measures of accountability and fairness are extended to our harvesters, our customers and the environment.


At Floating Leaf Fine Foods we encourage a friendly and professional atmosphere where all employees are treated with respect and encouraged to work as a team. Monthly meetings allow our staff to voice concerns and suggestions and allow the opportunity to improve, celebrate and plan together to better serve our customers and partners.


Floating Leaf Fine Foods is a much-envied example of a fine family business. It is small enough to be personal, yet big enough to be respected by its large international clients and competitors. We have earned this respect by maintaining a steadfast commitment to fine quality and dependabilty.

Floating Leaf Fine Foods offers a wide range of products that cater to every aspect of food service including: healthcare and hospitality.